Joe Cooper Music Video

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Filming my new idea

Today I started to film my music video. I did this using the locations outlined my location report and also taking into consideration the risks outlined in the risk assesment. Whilst filming I used a copy of the lyrics with directions. I did this so that I could visualize what the scenes and what they would be like. These are rough guidelines and changes can be made if need be.

When God ran lyrics and directions

When filming I used mostly handheld shots as I thought the handheld shots would give the video a more personal feel, which is the feel I was going for the video

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Filming my Music Video 1

After completing the risk assessment and storyboard/directions, I started to film the footage for my music video. When filing I made sure that I had more than enough footage so that I could then cut the footage to the parts needed.

One problem I encountered when filming was matching what I wanted in the scene to the point in the music where that would be. To overcome this problem I made sure I had the music playing whilst filming.

During the editing process if more footage is required I will make sure that there are no errors in continuity as it may affect the flow of the music video. When filming I had the storyboard on hand to see what shot to use. I made it a priority though to think about the safety issues I outlined in my risk assessment.