Joe Cooper Music Video

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Change of Idea

Today I had showed people from my target group what I had completed so far in terms of editing my video. After showing them the first verse they gave me some thoughts about it. The said that it was a good idea but he did have a few critisisms about it. He said that the song, Somebody that I used to know, has a strong xylophone part in it which dominates the music they thought I should look at trying to use stop motion. This is because they have seen some videos done to the song that are stop motion that are of good quality.

Stop motion is when you use a collection of pictures and put them together an example of this type of video is this :

They also said that they would like to see some visual representation of a band playing the song. For example for the bass notes get someone playing a double bass or on the lowest notes of the guitar. They also said that I could improve my technical aspects by not filming at a direct light soure. After hearing this advice I will plan my music video again and make suitable changes