Joe Cooper Music Video

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Final Draft of my Music video

Today I finished editing my first draft of my music video following the feedback I received from my target audience.

From the first draft I made the changes of making the character in the 2nd verse just act the verse and not lip sync as my target group thought that it was just repeating what had gone on in the 1st verse. I also shortened the song by not including the bridge at the end as my target group thought it was one of the weakest parts of the music video. I also added in titles at the end saying the name of the song and the artist to follow conventions of existing music videos I found out about in my research so that it made the video look more authentic.

After making my music video I showed it to some people from my target audience to get their opinions on the final video.

Great video and a nice contrast with the two verses

Better than the first version

I like the choice of music and the location shots were good

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Editing the first draft

Today I started to edit the first draft of my music video from the comments I recieved about it. I have edited it by making the character in the second verse just act the words and not lip sync as my target group thought that it was just repeating what had gone on in the first verse.

Editing draft 1

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Draft 1 of my music video

Today I finished editing the first draft of my music video. After fininshing it I will show it to people from my target group to get their opinion on what they think of it.

I then showed this to some people of my target audience. They said that they liked the beginning and the end but thought that the middle was a bit repetitive as they thought that it was just showing what had gone before. I took these comments on board and will plan what I could do to make the middle section better which may require filming the section again.

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Editing my new music video

Today I started to edit my music video. To do this I used the editing software Final cut pro  which is a high quality movie editing software. I have used this software because I wanted to use effects used by professionals to make my music video look professional.

During this process I had to match the singing by the actor in the scene with the music to give a good sense of continuity to the video. During the editing process I did not use any post production effects this is because I thought that tey would distract from the music and the true meaning of the song and would make it more personal and intimate

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Filming my new idea

Today I started to film my music video. I did this using the locations outlined my location report and also taking into consideration the risks outlined in the risk assesment. Whilst filming I used a copy of the lyrics with directions. I did this so that I could visualize what the scenes and what they would be like. These are rough guidelines and changes can be made if need be.

When God ran lyrics and directions

When filming I used mostly handheld shots as I thought the handheld shots would give the video a more personal feel, which is the feel I was going for the video

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New Location report

For my new idea I will have new locations. I did this because the mood of the new song has changed so took the creative decision to change the location.

The locations I will use are:

  • William Law School/ Emmanuel Church
  • Paths around William Law School/ Emmanuel Church

I have chosen Emmanuel church because it is a good backdrop for the video. This location will be the main location for the video as it will be seen in the chorus and parts of the verses.

I have chosen the paths around William Law School/ Emmanuel Church  for the verses because creatively the trees around the path fit in with the mood of the song about the characters walking without God.

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Change of Idea

Today I had showed people from my target group what I had completed so far in terms of editing my video. After showing them the first verse they gave me some thoughts about it. The said that it was a good idea but he did have a few critisisms about it. He said that the song, Somebody that I used to know, has a strong xylophone part in it which dominates the music they thought I should look at trying to use stop motion. This is because they have seen some videos done to the song that are stop motion that are of good quality.

Stop motion is when you use a collection of pictures and put them together an example of this type of video is this :

They also said that they would like to see some visual representation of a band playing the song. For example for the bass notes get someone playing a double bass or on the lowest notes of the guitar. They also said that I could improve my technical aspects by not filming at a direct light soure. After hearing this advice I will plan my music video again and make suitable changes

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Editing my Music Video

Today I started to edit my music video. The sotware I used is called Final cut pro. After first inporting the footage I then started to choose the parts of each clip and then stabilize them. This is because it would make a better finished product because although I did use a tripod there was still some movement. The cuts I will use will be mainly stright cuts as I think fades or dissolves may distract from the actual picture on  screen.

Final Cut Pro is the software I will use to edit my music video

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Risk Assesment

After completing a location report about where I will film I conducted a risk assesment. I did this to make sure that the locations in which I wanted to film were safe so that when I film my music video there would be no health and safety issues. After looking at all these safety issues I will be able to adress them accordingly makiong everyone who is in the video safe.

Filming at the house
Possible Hazards

Level of risk

1. Wires lying about


2. Moving Furniture


3. Moving heavy props


1. Move wires so they are out of the   way or stick them down to the floor so people don’t trip over them

2. Bend your knees when moving furniture so to not hurt your back

3. Bend your knees when moving heavy props so to not hurt your back