Joe Cooper Music Video

Q2. How effective is the combination of your main product & the 2 ancillary texts?

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After making the actual music video I made two other products as part of a promotional package. These were a digipak and Magazine advert.

After doing some research on promotional packages I found that a convention of promo packages was that the music video, digipak and magazine advert usually all link together in some way. The way I tried to follow this convention is by using screen shots from my video in my digipak and also use one of the same photos as the photo on my digipak.

I also found that in promotional packages use commodification to try to sell the CD by turning them selves into a product. A way in which they do this is by creating a logo.I found that a logo is vital to the sale of the package because it immediately identifies the brand. With this in mind I started to design the logo following a branding technique from Al Ries

Logos should be designed to fit the eyes. Both eyes. For maximum visual impact, a logotype should have the same shape as a windshield of an automobile, roughly two and one-fourth units wide by one unit high.

In my promo package I made the font and colour of font the logo. One way in which I made the font suitable to the artist is the colour of the font which is a dark red which is reflected by the name of the artist which is ‘Shaded Red’. I used the logo in my digipak and my magazine advert which follows the convention that the digipak and advert should link together

Another method I found of successful branding is through the use of iconic images. To do this I wanted a photo with the main character in as the front of the digipak  and magazine advert. I thought that I would make him the iconic person which would help the CD to sell because people would see the character and know what band they represent and know what type of music they produce. I also used the symbol of a cross to also represent that this is a Christian album from a Christian artist.

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