Joe Cooper Music Video


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Throughout creating my music video and promo package I have found that it is hard to say what there are some conventions for music videos because they vary so much. To start to find the conventions for different music videos you first have to work out whether it is one of the three types because depending on what type of video it is depends on what the conventions are. The three types of music video are:

  • Performance
  • Narrative
  • Concept

In my video I tried to follow the conventions of a concept video where I wanted to tell a story on the meaning of the video rather than have people performing the song or telling the story of the song.

From watching existing music videos I found that one conventions was that the video should reflect the song in tempo which means that slow songs shouldn’t have cuts lots of cuts in a short period of time. The song I chose, ‘When God Ran’ by Shaded Red, was quite a slow song so I chose not to use cuts to different shots very often as I thought it would not go with the tempo of the song.

I also found that videos usually reflect the songs structure because there is usually a change of scene. I have followed this because in the verse the characters are outside whereas in the chorus and bridge they are inside with the scene changing.

For my digipak I wanted to follow the conventions of existing digipaks as I wanted to make my digipak look authentic and like one you would see in any music shop. One of the conventions that I followed was that the digipak should link to the actual music video as they are usually released together and so if it were released people would either see the digipak and think of the video or watch the video then see the digipak and see the link. I did this by using screen shots from my music video in my digipak. I made the font used in  the digipak  as the bands logo which is another convention as the artists use logos to signify to people that this is they’re style and people can recognise that it is made by them. On my digipaks I have used copyright information to give the digipak some authenticity.

For my magazine advert again I decided to follow the conventions of existing magazine adverts which is similar to the digipak where artists use pictures from or similar to their music video. I followed this by using the picture I used for the front of my digipak because then people would be able to recognise the album from the advert. On my digipak I put copyright information


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