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Creating a magazine advert

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Today I started work on creating a magazine advert for the band I am creating the music video for. I started by looking for previous examples of bands magazine adverts to see what conventions the use which I will try to follow.

Like the digipak, I used the program Adobe Photoshop to create the advert. to make the advert I used the front cover image of the digipak so that people will recognise the album after seeing the digipak. I then added copyright information to give the advert institutional context. I also added reviews to the advert because from my research about magazine adverts I found that most of them have reviews so that people can see what other people think of the album which can make them want to buy the album if it has been highly rated by others.


After making the advert I found people from my target audience and I asked them what they thought of the advert. They said that they liked the picture but they thought that there was too much editing which made the advert look weird. After the redesign of my digipak I felt that I had to change the image to keep the convention of linking the image of the digipak with the advert. I also added tour dates to the advert as from further research I found that the artist usually tours after releasing a new album.

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